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User Review

Handy! - Reviews Gibson Bar Stool

We can not imagine ever services and comfort that a bar stool can bring to a guitarist / bassist.

We must not, in my opinion, take it too high nor too low. I opted for Gibson to 61 cm high, and it's perfect. 76 cm would have been too high!

With 61 cm, my feet stay in contact with the ground if I'm just asking my behind on the edge. And cons, well if I sit on it, then my feet off the ground and may for example arise through the bar, or other furniture.

The bar halfway up can be a foot or two to find the most comfortable position to play, without having to get a foot support particular.

Such an object does not take place, fits easily into a corner, possibly above anything else, since it is high enough.

The seat is very comfortable, well padded and the best effect. It is rotating, which can help to quickly access different devices all around us, all without the problems arising from a folder in bulk and risk of obstruction and shock.

Really, I'm captivated by this object that I would not have thought it could be so useful before buying. Certainly, I thought it would be cool and pretty convenient, but not to that point!

The installation is fairly simple, but be careful to put the screws mounting the seat in the right direction, heads up, so as not to obstruct the rotation system.

It should be noted that initially, a fairly strong odor is felt: it's just the smell of the fat of the rotation mechanism. This more or less disappears quickly.

All seems very solid and responsive even at significant personal weight. Aesthetically, I like the great white inscription "Gibson" on a black background: it's very classy (although I have no instrument Gibson also!).

Washers are provided to fully resolve the stability of the feet. Simply insert them into the rubber.