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Great Chorus (M234 Analog Chorus )

By Kountch, 23/11/2014
Analog chorus
Besides the classic controls (depth, volume, rate), you can also modify the tone (low and high).
There are two "mono" and "thru" outputs to use it with two amps (which I've never done).
The box is made of metal covered with metallic blue paint / spangles.


Very easy to use.
Consider the following drawbacks:
- To change the battery you need to unscrew the bottom lid (not very practical during rehearsals or gigs)
- The power supply on the side is not very practical
- The pots are rather small, which isn't very practical when you have big fingers
- The LED is VERY bright, it can blind you dark environments


The sound quality is excellent.
You get an effective chorus, rather neutral (in the sense that its doesn't have a strong "character") and versatile.
I get all the sounds I want, both with clean and distorted sounds (I place it on the amp's effects loop) and I think it provides a pretty warm sound (without a doubt due to its analog design).


I find this chorus pretty effective and versatile, it meets my expectations.
It's doesn't have a strong character nor was it conceived to get bizarre sounds (not even with the controls all the way up), which is good to know when you are looking for a modulation pedal...

Perfect! (EVH95SE EVH Wah 35th Anniversary)

By megaslurp, 27/08/2017
So let’s start with the beginning : I got this limited edition pedal for cheaper than the normal edition at thomann.

It really looks particularly good.
The red paint with black stripes looks really great, plus it seems thick so no risk that it eventually goes away.
The pedal seems sturdy, it’s all made of metal and there’s even a rather nice grip on the upside so you don’t slip when pressing it.

Soundwise finally, I consider it sounds exactly as you’d expect from a wah. It remains precise no matter the position.

The 2 small blue LEDs that signal when it’s switched on clearly are a good idea.
No noise when you press the pedal.

Overall, I have only good things to say about it, it even features a true bypass.
No cons that I’ve noted.

5 stars – straight, no chaser!

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