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MXR Phase 90

MXR CSP026 '74 Vintage Phase 90

User reviews on MXR Phase 90 products

not a passing Phase (MXR - EVH90 Phase 90)

By crankyrayhanky, 18/04/2012
This is a simple setup: 1 on/off toggle, 1 knob to adjust speed, 1 button to change from tradition mxr phase to EVH phase. It is said to be true bypass.


Controlling the sound is ridiculously easy; simple speed control and EVH switch. I never read the manual as operation is completely intuitive. I typically run the phase with a speed setting at 8:30 and the EVH button engaged. Special wacky phase tones I set the speed up to 3 or 4 o'clock.


I use this pedal with a variety of guitars in a variety of tuning, including Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Strats. I put it towards the end of my pedal board: tuner>Wah>OD>Phase>Noise gate>Amp

In bypass, the pedal scores high marks in keeping the signal pure, avoiding the usual tone suckage many other pedals present. Engaged, the phase sounds are fantastic!


I was hesitant to buy this pedal, thinking that the lack of controls would be a huge disadvantage. I thought a dry/wet mix feature and depth controls would be absolute necessities, so I hesitated. But I love EVH, so I made the plunge; I am thrilled i did!
Once plugged in, the simplicity becomes a HUGE asset. The depth and wet/dry mix are actually perfect, as the tones of the phase yield a present effect without ever approaching an overbearing splash of "too much". The difference in the standard vs EVH push button are gentle, so typically i roll with the button engaged to EVH. The speed settings are easy to find great tones, as it sounds great in many areas, depending on the material. This pedal has become a set and forget it, as the effect sounds so great delivering classic EVH vibe. It is a pleasure knowing the effect will always sound great and you can spend more time playing and less time tweaking endless parameters.

I usually find effects annoying and enjoy straight ahead guitar to amp tones...but this phase has a soothing effect on the listener making it real easy to jam for sustained periods without inducing the usual fatigue associated with phasers.

MXR knocked it out of the park on this one and I am sure to try the EVH Flanger at some point in the near future.

MXR Phase 90 (MXR - M101 Phase 90)

By MGR/Youth Gone Wild, 12/04/2003
I got it from this place called avenue guitars for $123.

It has a rich, warm phasing sound like no other phaser. It is very transparent and it is slightly distorted which makes it even more warm and makes it sound more distinctive and better sounding. It can be used for slight phased passages of chords or solos, to the swooshing sound to warbly crazy sounds.

It sounds like poop after distortion, but that is okay because it sounds great before distortion, this isn't a reason to not buy this.

It is heavy and very sturdy, very tough.

It is a good buy if you are looking for a no frills phaser that sounds awesome.

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MXR Jim Dunlop Phase 90 (MXR - M101 Phase 90)

By MGR/Rhiannon, 13/08/2004
I bought this timeless classic effect off of Musician's Friend for a mere $59.99 - I'd shopped around forever and believe me, it's the best price you'll get.

The reason I purchased this unit is simple - it is a must have for musicians in every genre!

I love the sound - it's timeless, classic, vintage . . . it can be incorporated into nearly everything from classic rock to contemporary to alternative to heavy metal . . . I find that it is very versatile and sounds great with just about anything.

I can't think of anything that I don't really like about it. Guess it'd be nice if they were manditorily issued with every guitar!!!

The construction is the simple vintage looking orange metal box . . . quality? Ask Jimmy Hendrix.

The bottom line simply is, if you're a guitarist, this is a must-have effect and nothing delivers like the MXR Phase 90 (although, you could up the ante, if you're feelin' froggy and jump on the MXR Phase 100!)

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Phase all the way (MXR - EVH90 Phase 90)

By hthomas, 27/04/2012
Excellent, versatile little pedal for a range of classic, usable phasing effects. Not just for Van Halen fans, this pedal with it's "script" button gives you both effect types found in the standard MXR Phaser, and reissue "script logo" models. (It's just a subtle difference, mainly the standard MXR has a little more harsher mid-tone spike to it which is great for a pronounced phase rhythm effect, and the more tamed "script logo" sound which is better when soloing with distortion.) It's construction looks very solid, it's blue "on" light is practically blinding (like a deer in the headlights?). The only little annoyance I had when hooking this pedal onto my pedalboard was where the AC connecting input slot was found - on the side, close to the 1/4 inch guitar cable coupler. It just meant I had to place the phaser a little further apart than normal, to clear the daisy-chain connector. Apart from that, it's an excellect phaser and highly recommended for all styles, whether you're playing clean or overdriven, rock or jazz, or anything in-between.


This is simple as it gets with one knob and a one toggle button to work with. Simple and easy.


The quality is awesome. It nails all kinds awesome phaser sounds. VH all day long. I use it a lot for small little bits for leads. Just adds some great layering to it.


The Phase 90 pedal offers everything that went wrong with digitally produced sounds. I've used several Line 6 products over the years, such as the Pod, Spider and Flextone, but nothing can come close to the authentic sound of that tiny phase box. This is a simple device but can tweak your sound toward more retro music such as Sonic Youth. If you want Phase, this is the way to go.

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