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By fark, 28/08/2014
I use it for a dozen years on assignment on every imaginable terrain, and the most extreme weather conditions.
Before use, it was the Nagra tape analaogiques (E, IV, IV S ...)
What I like the most, as noted by my title, it is the Swiss Army knife of the reporter. Recorder, basic editing functions but how practical when you bump in speed, built-in (64K, so a B channel) ISDN codec, which allows for direct (on-line or ISDN fixed mainly on suitcase satellite or M4 Bgan so anywhere).
Equipped with lithium batteries, long battery life.
What I like least is the owner Nagra file format on this model, which requires having a dedicated app to import files from the recording medium (Flash card) to a PC.
Having traveled a number of countries, with this material for stories, I have never had a problem with reliability, although failures can still happen (with any device for that matter). For this usage reporting, then, and all the major radio stations still use it elsewhere, it is surely a sign of a safe bet ...

Almost ideal companion (LB)

By LPA94, 25/02/2013
I use the Nagra LB since 7 months in exterior and interior: it is a very good machine. Before her, I had a Fostex FR2 (not bad for the price) and even before a Zoom H2 (also very good quality / price ratio).

With the Nagra LB is clearly at the top-end: the device inspires confidence, it is robust (very few plastic parts), light, small and especially its preamps / converters are excellent. It does not jump to the ears as it is in full transparency, but we realize that every time the microphone is complied with surgical precision. Sound material obtained is perfectly usable 99% of the time, which was not always the case with my old equipment (I happened to be disappointed). In fact it is simple, it is now my microphones that limit me, not the recorder ...

What is also nice is the color screen and controls on the front panel, intuitive. We take pleasure to use, you do not get tired!

I had a few bugs with NT4 micro (small electronic chirping strange gain asymmetry between left and right) but I do not know if it comes from Nagra or microphone.

_the headphone preamp is poor, it is likely to reduce the final price but it is impossible to properly monitor everything low, close signal noise because the preamp adds a layer of noise nuisance.
_If autonomy is correct with a standard rechargeable battery pack (rechargeable LR6 of) there is too little affordable solutions to gain a few hours (it is often too expensive).
_euh ... well it is. =)

I have not used the digital connections on the right side of the camera (USB, Ethernet, etc ...) so I do not know what they are worth.

To conclude, this is an expensive device but worth its price: it must be seen as an investment in the long run!

News Nagra

Nagra introduces its new Seven 2-channel recorder

Published on 11/20/13
Nagra is attending Satis in France where they introduce the new generation of digital portable recorders, the two-channel Nagra Seven.