User Review

DigiTech DHP 55 : Great Harminizing proccesor!

Got this because Vai and Satriani used them for years! This is the first pitch shift (harminizer) I have ever had that sounded even close to a real guitar but I think the hi note needs played and the lower ones programmed into the harminizer to sound as realistic as possible! THIS IS IMPORTANT= Routing needs to be routed as mono input so it gets a direct sound from the guitar so it can read the note correctly!! Doing so allows you to use the noise gate in front of the unit and will clamp off ANY hi gain noise!! 16 bit signal path is the achilles heel of this unit and will degrade the amps tone some but worth it to many. This unit was $1600 in 93' !!! Has Chorus, Delay, Flange, 3 different Graphic EQ's, 6 Tap Delay @ 6 sec!, ect. Great unit for people looking for great FX and pitch tracking faster than a EVENTIDE!