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User Review

Typed effect, very good in his field - Reviews Dunlop JHOC1 Jimi Hendrix Octavio Effect

Fuzz pedal / analog octaver, based on the time wiring diagram.
The objective is to have a more dirty sound possible, it succeeded.


Ultra simple setup, In / Out - 2 knobs (Fuzz / Octave) - 1 true bypass

The manual is useless if not do not forget to unplug the jack IN in order not to swell the pile budget.

Although the config is simple, find the sound is another matter: a small experience of Fuzz / heavy distortion is preferable.

For me it is all thoroughly, because otherwise it does not sound, or else it gets complicated because you have to manage the knob of the guitar + knob pedal, drive the amp ..: Unmanageable live!


Many of breath!

Otherwise it is nickel to mimic a plane taking off etc ...

It is with a strat on the neck pickup that this effect is highlighted with lots and lots of bass.

Use the overdrive channel: on the clean channel, when the effect triggers it easy twice dB sound a bit cold and uncontrollable (Note that I speak only for the owner of any amp lamps, a transistor not have that problem here because the power is reduced.)


I use it for a year, occasionally.
I have a FuzzFace and since I do not use any more, it's pretty similar.

I love the fact that it is vintage, simple and soundness of the machine and connectors

I do not like the lack of LED and value for money.

In short, if you like to buy the big big sound