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Dwarfcraft Devices Pitchgrinder

Dwarfcraft Devices has unveiled the final details on their PitchGrinder pedal.

The PitchGrinder is an 8 step sequenced pitch shifter. This effect also provides 8 bit processing.

  • Sequencer Control – The onboard sequencer will move through 1 to 8 of the pitch shifting steps on the face of the unit, allowing you to create arpeggios or melodies.
  • Tap Tempo – Control your sequencer speed, or freeze it to stay in your current stage.
  • Glide – Your pitch can glide between stages, or snap from one to the other.
  • Octave Spread – Shift your input signal from -1 octave to +2.
  • Signal digitally crushed to 8 bits.



The PitchGrinder will retail for $350.

For more information: Dwarfcraft