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User Review

saxophonist's best friend! - Reviews Eventide PitchFactor

Many effects available, as explained below. These are mainly variations or mixture of delay and pitch shifter. We have included two Harmonizers 2 and 4 voices (with delay), a synthesizer, an octave, a pitch shifter, an arpeggiator, very particular effect crytalizer and other strange effects.

The issue boils down to the pc app to manage banks. No rack. Digital technology but super quality.
See the manual connection.


The configuration is simple, for each effect all parameters are front and graphic display reacts differently depending on the knob hit. The English manual is complete.

Designers have thought a lot of practical tips for the musician such as tuner, adjusting the output level of the config switches, etc. ..

The pedal is sufficient to itself, but it is worth joining a switch there to enjoy everything.


The effects are great. Usually for a saxophone palette effective effects is limited, many guitar effects do not work (questions frequency waveform, I do not know ...). Effects that work best are the delay, reverb and pitch shifter, and that's good because it brings the pedal and super quality!

- The synthetic harmonizer is fast, do not expect to replace the presence of another copper it will not work. It can however be used to delay 4 voices and there is fine. Note that unlike many types TC Helicon pedal, the delay is adjustable from 0ms real (no delay) to several seconds.

- Flex pitch is great, very clean. Flex button to play on the pitch a bit like a wheel on a synthesizer, and an expression pedal makes it a whammy.

- The synthesizer is not very effective, in fact it is very much a matter of level, it is very difficult to play louder than the sound of natural sax.

- The Crystallizer is impressive. If you want an overview try the VST, the PitchFactor is a hardware version of the eponymous effect SoundToys. In contrast to compare the quality is better VST sound and max length of delay. This is normal nowadays given the quality of vst, but PitchFactor version is still really good.

- The octave has a worse than the flex pitch, there adds a filter and a fuzz algorithm. It can be done if you push the resonance, usually once it's on two pinball sound engineer when he discovers.

- The Arpegiator is also quite impressive, with significant possibility if you take the time to program it. The disadvantage is that the sax takes a breath ...


1 year of use, and I have discovered that a small part of its capabilities

+ Quality unmatched effects
+ Originality effects
+ Integrated tuner
+ Menus comprehensive setting without complicated ultimately quite user friendly

- No reverb (well it was not the goal I know)
- The switch can pass that bank to bank and no preset preset. (For that you need a switch twelve o'clock too expensive)

I would do this choice, the more we find Cygnus 300 euros now, which is really accessible for pro effects pedal.