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User Review

Perfect !!! - Reviews T-Rex Engineering Octavius

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Polyphonic octave doubling the selected frequencies. Integrated Boost ...

I play mostly blues rock, which includes a lot of business ... But if we speak of Octavius, it is essential to me to play Jack White, Black Keys, King of Leon and Franz Ferdinand. With a good fuzz (I use the Big Muff), we are in it to the teeth ... I played with two amps. Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 reuissus and Orange Dual Terror.

The pedal is physically well ... no complaints. The adjustments are simple. A knob for low and one for high. It has a boost, but I never use it ... I have another ... Attention on the other hand regarding the power supply. To my pedalboard, I use a MXR DC Brick is perfect, except for Octavius ​​makes a hell of hum ... So Should dedicate its own power adapter.

His great strength, I think, is that it keeps out the original grain guitare.J'aime the clean sound of my instruments and Octavius ​​just takes its rightful place. With Octavius ​​in band, the clean sound pierces the mix ... which is cool !!!

It is not given, it is a fact ... but despite its quirks in power, this pedal sticks to my skin !!!

Cheers !!!