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[Musikmesse] 8 new T-Rex pedals

T-Rex brought the appetizers at NAMM with the SoulMate and Vulture, here is the rest of the meal at Musikmesse with 8 new stompboxes.

Here is what T-Rex is showing until tomorrow in Frankfurt:

  • TuneMaster: a tuner with large screen and a Beed control as well as a choice of true or buffered bypass
  • Diva Drive: an overdrive with boost/drive, and a 3-way switch that affects the low-end and low-mids
  • Karma Boost: a boost that will go up to crunching your signal
  • NeoComp: a compressor with classic attack, release, ratio and gain controls
  • Quint Machine: an octaver with a 5th harmony option, it can be used with guitar, bass, vocals, etc.
  • Shafter: a wah wah pedal with three tones and a Hot Spot switch that adds the effect gradually
  • ReplayBox: a true stereo delay of up to 3 seconds, with dual input and output
  • Creamer: a reverb with three Spring, Room and Hall algorithms