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User reviews on Bass Octaver products

very good sub-octave (Aguilar - Octamizer)

By Littleleaf, 06/05/2014
Analog sub-octave bass, 4 pots, one for the sub level signal, to the level of direct signal and a tone signal by.
I especially appreciate the presence of these two tones, which are the reason why I turned to this pedal.


Simplistic configuration, no need to book.
As with any analog octave, one note at a time, preferring the middle of the handle, pick up from time to time (requires a clean game).


Sub octave convincing and transparent for my taste, very effective. The two tones used to actually forge a sound according to his need and not just an extra octave simply magnify the sound.


I use it for 4 months, it perfectly fits my needs. Previously I played on a Ampeg SCP-OCT, I have nothing else tested, it is just perfect my my use. It is expensive but it sounds, it works very well, it seems solid (but this time tell me). I would do this choice without hesitation.

Good stuff (EBS - OctaBass)

By Djano, 27/01/2014
Analog technology, and it feels good!
I have the version with the switch that selects the frequency of the effect.


Simpler and stuff would fly.
Very heavy pedal in sturdy metal.


Very good sound, comfort nickel game. Obviously, this is more interesting with the sound down, comfort nickel game but it also works well up.
It is quite tempted to play with the background effect, I gather that this is a good effect!
With low: nothing to say, it's all good.
With a guitar: the effect dice landed the top rope. The pedal is really made to be stimulated by low strings.


His more: robustness of the pedal, and sound quality.
Least: storage battery completely rotten: 4 long screws to remove with a Phillips, storage battery too small with a piece of rubber that systematically off the passage obliged to force to close.
If it is used with 9V transformer, no worries.

EBS quality appointments (EBS - OctaBass)

By Domi-D, 08/09/2013
It is an octave bass pedal to non rackable format. No editing is possible as analog.
Conventional connectors, input and output jack size and the power supply by 9V.
I have the second version of this model, with the central cursor 3 positions but without the True Bypass.


For configuration, two knobs. The first "Normal" that manages the volume of the mixture its natural / octave, and the second "Octave" which adjusts the dosage effect.
In the center a cursor positions 3, "High", "Mid" and "Low" that manages fréquances the octave generated.
Everyone will pay for his taste.
What the manual in English, is brief but provided essentially some basic settings and the specificity of each knob.


The desired effect is there, still a few stalls are present if left too last note.
This small issue aside, the sound gains in size. We win hugely depth while keeping audible and defined notes.
But be careful, I think good cabs are required to have a good record, if you type in the sub, HP 12 seem to be the bare minimum.


I use it for 2 weeks now and I'm not ready to part with. I ssay the same type of effect via a zoom all-in-one, but much less good quality.
These strengths are undoubtedly robustness (Metal housing made in Sweden by EBS), the multiplicity of settings depending on the instrument played, rendering that adds a new dimension to your sound.
Weaknesses, certainly the lack of access to the battery, as unscrewing the base is necessary for accession. The few stalls on notes too long.
The price / quality ratio is still very good for such a product. Manufacturing quality and sound reproduction makes a great product.

News Bass Octaver

[Musikmesse] EBS Black Label pedal for bass

Published on 04/18/15
We told you earlier that EBS was releasing pedals for guitar, but they are also revamping their bass effects in a new Black Label Studio Edition.

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