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User Review

very good sub-octave - Reviews Ampeg SCP-OCT

It is therefore an analog octave to generate an octave below the note played. The pedal has two pots, Octave and Direct, each capable of determining the level of output of wet / original signal.
The case is indestructible.


The configuration could not be more simple, no need for manual ...
Note that it is better to play to the middle of the handle for optimal rendering, one note at a time and that below the G # grve, the machine no longer follows (this is not bad ...)
It picks up from time to time, it requires to play properly, which is not a bad thing.


It growls, it shook the walls, it is typed, it is Ampeg.
Originally used to overcome the lack of a rope so bad, I'm used to go lower still minimizing signal "Direct", the record is convincing, it is still necessary to have an amp and speakers able to send these frequencies.


Used for almost 4 years, no problem along the way, it served its purpose brilliantly. I finally spent a Aguilar Octamizer but this is due to the type of use that I did. The problem only playing on the sub octave cutting almost direct signal is that we have virtually no attack, it is very difficult to bring out in a mix without invading the spectrum. The Aguilar can manage by a tone signal in addition to the sub signal and direct, allowing to recover the direct attack without sacrificing the sound a sort of chorus dirty matter of taste :)
Value / price very good knowing that I had paid only 90 euros used but it can fly up to 250 euros, which is not justified, except in a state collection and for this purpose unique.