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User Review

Anonymous's review - Microsoft Windows Vista

After all installation fast and intuitive (more than XP).
Tip: If you spend all your XP updates downloads VISTA drivers needed before changing Crez OS and you boot from a cd, things will go faster!
The config is a bit Drout if you really want to explore the deep Systm but it does all of the same.
I have not used the manual.


Motherboard: ASUS P5B
Processor: Intel Core2Duo 6600 2.4 GHz
Ram: 3GB Corsair DDR2. It should be noted that the 32-bit Vista, like XP does gre thoriated in no more than 2GB of RAM. But the OS recognizes all the same in my case 2.6 GB and APRS various sources using more.
Hard Drives: 1 internal disk SATA2 MAXTOR 120 GB external drive and a Western Digital 200GB (FireWire 400).
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256MB.

Software (once the drivers made day) works perfectly with this configuration.

I have not an tural amlioration management CPU. Dmarrent programs faster, process to give more fluid Manir I believe it. In my opinion this program is well suited to audio because the CPU is operating ddi programs and less management of graphics.

My configuration is less stable in audio for the game but from my cel graphics card in fact, not VISTA.


I use it for a month.
What j'apprcie most in VISTA is the more playful interface that is not a luxury when one spends his life in front of a screen. J'apprcie gnrale also the fluidity of program operations.
J'apprcie unless Microsoft put more than a year to use a program, but hey ..
I'm on Windows from version 95, this means a hell of a time! At work I use MacOSX and ProTools.
It's still expensive but I think a note is amlioration tural all of the same from the previous version (XP).
I congratulates patient to have some time before acqurir program. A Submitted, few dveloppeurs hardware or software that does not leave VISTA compatible drivers.