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User reviews on Optical/ADAT Cable products

Cpierredon's review (Vivanco - 41091)

By Cpierredon, 14/12/2010
Cable does not work, due to a mechanical problem, it does not snaps.
no signal.

Vivanco scam that does not even deign to respond to email complaint.
I would not recommend buying any product from this mark that is not serious.


ricoute's review (Monster - Cable Fibre Optique 1m)

By ricoute, 10/10/2009
I have version Toslink / optical mini jack 1m Interlink Lightspeed 100 that I use a Sony D50 recorder

I have not tried other fiber optic cables, but I guess the characteristics of this mOnster make it clearly superior to optical calbe same configuration that is 10 € per ex.chez Telkin as Darty

I expected an outer section with the largest sheath, the cable is quite thin section of a part of the optical fiber not necessarily very large and the cladding (it is not in the muti drivers either! ) but anyway it is not the ds type hose diameters of some high-definition cable hp!

In terms of listening, it is clear that even with a Teac player Cdp 4500 in comparison with the analog cables HD anyway and the optical mode there's no clearer picture of dynamics, the analog side is with a more muffled sound a little dull but a bit warmer. Obviously the converter operates without doubt better on the D50 than the player Cdp 4500 but I think there is still a real difference e nfaveur Monster anyway.

Pros: The manufacture and audio quality seems totu first order and complies with the standard Monster.

Cons: Small plastic caps are easily coutchoutés loseable, I did see some caps captive by a loop attached to the cable that would make more sense (why does not telkin Monster !!!!)

The R / Q / P is pretty good for a cable of this quality normally sold I think € 50 / € 60 in my version, I got to 15th of OCCAZ very very interesting!!

IN view quality is indeed very good choices and referred this bp!!

News Optical/ADAT Cable

The LightLead analog audio optical cable is out

Published on 11/05/14
Iconic Sound announces the availability of their patented LightLead, the first audio analog optical jack cable for music instruments.