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Orange Crush PiX Bass

Orange Crush 100BXT

User reviews on Orange Crush PiX Bass products

Great studio amp (Orange - Crush 50BXT)

By jellroy, 03/01/2011
50 watt transistor amp that delivers a good fishing. Many connections: headphone, auxiliary input jack nini, speaket output and line out (DI).


Simple as pie, turn the knobs to get the desired sound.


I use exclusively in studio rehearsals with headphones (and therefore DI output).
I do not think this amp live with a drummer who knocks, although I have not pushed to its limits.


Very happy, look great (except the horrible badge on the speaker) and well rounded.
I am delighted to use the (studio).

8.5's review (Orange - Crush 50BXT)

By 8.5, 15/12/2009
Transistor combo amp 50Watts.
The connection is fairly complete, since we found out a phone, a speaker out and a line out. Mr. Orange So pretty cool. This is also an AUX IN for connecting a CD player ... what's the point? I know.
And settings, a volume, a high, a mid, a bass and a gain.
Interesting idea, the 50BTX has a small built-in tuner, not super accurate, but practical


The manual? y '... has not ben the same time, everyone will understand that the volume pot volume serves to increase the volume right?

Sound level research, there must confess that it thickens a little. Orange amps tend to climb easily into the midrange, and the result is often beautiful to the seeker that sound. But we really have an amp Orange hands there? Ben to 215 € in stores, do not dream either!
We feel that there is a little something, but the treble and midrange quickly become unmanageable, and with a equalo not especially effective, getting the sound is not easy. So we dig, dig, dig ... even after three days, I start to have something that fits me pretty well.


As said above, the sound is great, but difficult to obtain. He tends to climb easily into the midrange, and drool in the treble ... and yet, I have an old Yamaha bass not especially powerful!
The grain is typically 70's, made to play on the old rock. On the Cream is not bad at all. The slap is quite well received.
If you are looking for u its very round, go your way!


I use it for 3 days. Before that, I had a few years ago a Fender BXR100, then a great Ampeg B15. Then I switched to something else, guitar and DJing, before I put the 4 strings. This small Orange will not move from my home and I took it to be able to type the beef at home with Mrs. point 5 is threshing. Occasionally, other friends zicos pass, so it allows us to make some noise by having everything in place.

In summary, I think it's a good amp for home, with a little grain that is somewhat reminiscent of his legendary Orange. To repeat, why not, but not with a drummer who types. For the concert, forget it!

I paid the 215 € the new and in-shop, the price of 4 full of petrol, so much that despite the obvious failure, the price is a gift, and value for money very good.
After, always the same one who wants more pay more. Anyway for me this is not a choice that I regret, this amp is nothing exceptional, but he fills his spot.

Easy to get a combo! (Orange - Crush 25BX)

By lac74, 03/10/2011
Orange Crush PiX 25BX Bass Combo -
-1x 8 "speaker,
-Gain control knob for master volume,
-3 Équalieurs buttons (classic)
- Headphone and auxiliary.
- Dimension 32 x 23 x 36 cm,
-Weight 9 kg


Most basic you die!
Very easy to adjust, to use.
There is no manual but should be relatively very stupid for not being able to use it!


I was looking for a combo that can do everything, not heavy, cheap, warm sound and the power was not a criterion.
After trying countless Combo, I came across this one. Knowing the reputation Orange and their sounds, I'm tempted.
I play in a trio without or rarely with a drummer and in the studio or on stage are always more powerful amp to take over.
This combo must accept alternating a) a bass, b) an Epiphone electric bass, c) a Taylor guitar nylon d) two electric guitars (Fender Start and Gibson L5 US) and e) a type Selmer Gypsy guitar DUPONT.
And every combination I can adjust the sound that goes well, soon ... and that's the case and I get the sound I want. These sounds warm, deep ....
At the first use, I had a huge blast of sound that had disappointed me and the product ... but thinking it was actually a computer that has more land (for the sound card ... try to understand) who was on the same electrical outlet. By changing a place to connect, I solved this problem ...


Recently of course, but enough to tell me that I made a good choice and that it is 100% what I was looking for. Probably I would do the same.
I tried the amps before choosing this one.

ease of use, the sound (to see in use), weight (I have another 100w amp that weighs over 25 kg ....).
The -:
electronic components ... some are mild to say the least. To see the long term. I'll keep you posted.

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