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Orange Rockerverb

Orange Rockerverb 100 Head

User reviews on Orange Rockerverb products

Marshall killer (Orange - Rockerverb 50 MKII Head)

By millenofx, 05/12/2014
.This Is my home amp, and occasionally I used me to change my loyal mesa correct.

.2 Months

.I am a geek and I play guitar for over 20 years, the list of what I bought and sold is indecent .... I am almost ashamed lol

.dropoff Window it sounds immediately on an orange 412.
I was looking for a good marshall hormones, and strength to the end to see the head on all manly music scenes, I have not finished the test.
I never played n'i played other Orange amp and "sound orange" I do not know what it is

The headroom is enormous, the reaction of highly effective knobs. It lacks a bit of volume in a group setting, I can push it to 13 hours in the master relies (trio punkrock roller).

volume outside the group does not consider playing the bedroom to level it becomes totally fizzy, including a 112.
the clean is excellent surprise, he is superb and no clinic as often with high gain amps.

Frankly, I kind of paul the sg, or nearly the telecaster: everything sounds with very few adjustments.
is the MARSHALL which I dreamed.

I love all the music muscled out of death metal and stuff to the cannibal body, but also rock in general: incubus, red hot (early albums), grunge and 70's rock hendrix

Note /
the reverb to dela 9H is unmanageable
frankly not cover, no footswitch ..... a joke t on?

Cool (Orange - Rockerverb 50 MKII Head)

By anjer86, 03/06/2013
Amp head tube 50 watts, 2 channels, reverb, 25 kg.
This is perfect but it is heavy! The reverb is in my opinion too. I think that 100 watts is still better than 50 watts.


The setup is extremely simple and well made, it's Orange, so there is no need for manual. We obtain immediately a very good sound just by putting all the buttons at noon. A low volume amp has a great sound: playable apartment without problem.


I play modern rock and punk should be quite this style of music. It is a modern Orange and has a nearly infinite amount of gain. Its sound is very soft with a slight look "dirty" very friendly. I play with an ESP Viper (made in Japan), very modern guitar EMG, and it really is a great combo. Medium loaded this amp works perfectly live, it's clean it's clear this is clear: it is not for nothing that it is the most widespread of the Orange brand live amp.
But his sound in the studio is not my favorite. The attacks are not quite impactful and I find it too heavy to medium.
The Clean is good, but much less than clean the Orange TH30.
The reverb is not crazy, I use my reverb pedal boss, I prefer.


This amp is versatile and complete but is extremely simple - it's really great that side. I recently heard in the studio, it makes really cool, even if it is not my favorite sound. If you want to hear this amp in a big production they have put very forward with almost no effect here is where it goes ->
Youtube type: Pierce the Veil - Hell above
I also have an Orange TH30 and is more powerful than my Orange Rockerverb 50, at least until noon in volume; strange. Another strange thing: I prefer my Orange TH30 whether clean or distortion which is very strange because the TH30 costs € 750 and € 1,550 costs Rockerverb is the only thing that I find really unacceptable. I'm not very favorable to the amp to half measures and I would advise to buy directly Rockerverb 100 model.

Aouch (Orange - Rockerverb 100 Head)

By, 21/02/2013
Lamps amp


Very easy to use


It sounds dead !!


Nothing to say ...

You plug the guitar and sounds live.

Power is also the sound remains clean without earache (concern I have with the Fender Hot Rod)

Modern Orange (Orange - Rockerverb 50 MKII Head)

By Pettigrew, 01/02/2013
I pass over the technical details, I write my test once I no longer have the amp ... Maybe the fact that separate me from head motivates me to write this review. In any case, all the details are here:

So I 50W version of this head, Made in England, it's handmade and it exudes quality from every point of view. The finishes are impeccable, and the inside of the beast is as good: Good ventilation, wiring and soldering hand ... well, expensive, but good job.


Two channels, a real clean, modern, round sound and accurate, but a reverb really unmanageable. After 4 to 10, you can not do anything, so the effect is impressive cathedral.
The channel is also saturated oriented modern hi-gain, even if it retains a grain orange. Everything is still versatile enough, the nice crunch to nasty distortion.


I am a true fan of the vintage Orange, and then this amp is modern in sound and design. Apart reverb unmanageable, no particular concern. It's expensive, but it's very good material. I would say that it is a versatile amp, current in the sounds, while keeping its own grain, but still far from the classic Orange.


I kept this amp two years. I sold it because with orange PPC212 cab is really too powerful and unusable on stage. Such a beast should be pushed to give the best of itself and the sound engineers could not frame me ...
I have not been disappointed not this amp, but not really excited either. Certainly, the distortion is Orange always impresses and manufacturing quality is at the rendezvous.
This may be a good alternative to some hi-gain amps, but with the Rockerverb one moves away from the classic orange. But it's still super gear anyway.

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