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User Review

mtwallet's review - Philips Philicorda 22GM752

Polyphonic Keyboard
4 octaves
an adjustable vibrato, reverb spring Built

in order:
DIN connector for the volume pedal, the output amplifier (which does not cut the two integrated speakers), the entry magneto
and 2 outputs baffles another format (right baffle and baffle left) cut the two integrated speakers

a power cable US-type, but one pin is horizontal

7 switches to change the treble
3 switches to change his grave

A switch On / Off

4 removable legs

in order:
A reverb knob
A vibrato knob
1 knob for manual bass (3 positions)
1 knob of solo (2 positions)
1 volume knob
1 knob of balance between the two I believe HP


editing sounds simple
manual easily found on Internet


Its 100% sixties, less acute than the Farfisa Compact and Elka Panther, less cheezy, more "Organ"
keys to high quality


Problems: super heavy, and feet are very difficult to put / remove
hard to open for repair, many son over other keyboards
quite fragile for transport should be avoided in group

but essential for any fan of Sixties sounds playing at home
beautiful wood cabinet

discoverable to € 5 in Emmaus or € 150 on ebay ...