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OSC / MIDI controllers for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

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OSC / MIDI controllers for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
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User reviews on OSC / MIDI controller for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad products

Perfect for Live (AppBC - TouchAble Mini)

By newjazz, 30/07/2014
It is an app designed to control all the functions of the "Session" screen (matrix clips) Ableton Live.

This is an application derived from its big sister developed for the iPad. It is reserved for "small format" of the Apple brand, namely Touch iPods and iPhones. Personally I use it on an iPhone 5C.
It serves me in the studio to easily control Live, especially since the small size of my iPhone allows you to find him a little free surface between or even other devices. My APC40 is much less of a hit and made a little face ...

The ergonomics of the app is generally very well thought out, except at the edition clips noon, when navigation in the clip and adjust loop points requires fingers ants that I did not. But hey, there is the constraint on the size of such devices which the application is intended ...
Documentation is concise and perfectly clear. Anyway, anyone mastery Live quickly find his bearings.

This is an ultra-stable app. It has no latency in the contrôle.J 'ignores cons though it is often updated.

As indicated above, this application is reserved for Ableton Live control. Dialogue with the computer is via Wifi.

I use it for about 3 months, and I can not do without!
I had not tried many apps control like this before, because I was particularly cooled by TouchOSC experience unspeakable galley set PC (three software to operate simultaneously for Live interprets correctly commands sent from the iPhone, horror ...)
Here, the configuration is a breeze and requires no additional software other than the soft "server" to install on the computer. Otherwise I use hardware controllers (APC 40, Push). As I find Push difficult to replace, as the APC has - in my very subjective sense - no real reason to be with this kind of app, when a headed terminal available of course.
I especially appreciate the faithful representation of the matrix of clips, the ability to load the plugs on the fly and direct access to their parameters, the ability to create, duplicate, delete all clips, tracks, scenes that is desired.
I wish I could also copy / paste wherever I, but hey, no big deal. I do not know if the price is still € 8.99 (introductory price I received), but at this price, yes, I would do this choice.

Enrome Cruises (Liine - Lemur 5 App)

By Pierre LH, 08/08/2014
Potentially huge application, offering multiple possibilities.
I use it on an iPad Air, mainly to control functions in Nuendo and Pro Tools 10.
For the price of a secondhand iPad and app (340 € both), I think the possibilities are truly great.

To be confirmed, but I think the app is developed on a Max / MSP base.
The template editor is really well thought out and relatively simple.
There are a lot of templates to download and run directly, you can also change very quickly or copy certain objects to wrap them with a new template.

I pilot Nuendu 4 and ProTools 10 via a wireless set with twelve o'clock and rtpMidi LoopMidi.
The recognition is done very easily, latency is more than comfortable.

The acquisition of this tool is all feel, it will take some time before they are comfortable. Note that it is better to have some basis in afternoon to be at ease and not lose too much time, which is not my case ...

I think this app will quickly become a standard for many people and not just for seasoned studio buffs. This is obvious considering the price, especially as the number of templates is growing and that we can also use the iPad + Lemur with presets everything without going into functions edict.

I encourage everyone to bring App, pleasant, functional, hyper pro and offering enormous opportunities.

Very satisfied (Neyrinck - V-Control Pro)

By Pat One, 31/10/2011
The software installation was simple but I encountered a few glitches that I solved by reading their FAQ on their site. Before purchasing this software I checked the app IC Steinberg Cubase working with my setup to not have surprises Wifi side.

I work with Cubase 5.5 on Windows 7 64bit and an iPad 2. I tried TouchOSC just before but I could not get it to work, too many settings, you had to use Pure Data and noon Yoke and I catch nothing this stuff.

By following the steps many of the manual and the FAQ of the publisher's site, V-Control installs easily enough, I had to download a redistributable Microsoft and disable the Bluetooth option in the iPad and it worked well .dropoff window

The connection ipad / PC is done by wifi and it works pretty well, it's quite responsive ipad well cubase driver and changes in cubase are well reflected in the iPad.

V-control essentiellemnt allows to control the mixer in Cubase, transport fontions, automation, inserts, EQ, send etc. The only downside is that v-control protocol uses the Hui and it is not very practical especially for controlling plugins but doable although the accuracy leaves something to be desired. In terms of automation of the faders is quite responsive, precise touch and responds well, but I have to get used to working with the touch screen of the iPad. As against the pan are not super accurate, I do not see me do a whole mix with it alone, rather it comes in addition to keyboard and mouse.

Overall this app includes the functionality of a BCF 2000 Mackie control mode but with a little more ease. This is a very good alternative to a hardware controller or the Alphatrack BCF type, that is not perfect, I hope there will be improvements on the implementation of certain functions, but it is fairly comprehensive, it works rather well and the wireless side is quite convenient.

Cheap but compared to the price of a real controller, it's not that expensive, and I think it's better than BCF 2000 (touch automation features dedicated to Cubase). The version for Protools looks a little more successful than Cubase however.

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