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Binder controls Reaper from your iPad

Zvukofor offers Reaper users equipped with an iPad a new template for Lemur designed to control Cockos' DAW.

Binder is a free template for the Liine Lemur app that is designed to wirelessly control Reaper from an iPad (v2 and later). It features the following:

  • Track name display
  • 30 track banks with scrolling
  • Dedicated send matrix
  • Direct control of level, pan, solo, arm and cut for each track
  • Up to 4 send per track
  • Track monitoring
  • Automation
  • Multiple tracks selection for grouping mix parameters
  • K-system color-coded meter per track
  • Almost full control of effects with 16 button banks and bypass
  • Snapshots
  • Grid / marker / item navigation

You can download Binder, the Reaper setup files and the user manual for free from