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User Review

Beautiful guitar, sounds great - Reviews Lâg Keziah Jones S1000KJ

I do not m'tends on pure technical features, they are in the official documentation! Frankly speaking, I'm not a very big fan of Keziah and I think that addressing this guitar by limiting its use would damage his style.


Excellent ergonomics, it is dense and lightweight, the handle is very late. It is drlement beautiful, I think! I had a crush immediately and absolutely in trying it, yet I have tried guitars! The five


prrglages of equalizer home Lag suit me well, they are all intressant. A funny thing: slapper is easily the top, and suddenly I am trying to incorporate my game .. . I play a sound, through the Boss GT8, I play jazz and bossa with, and my son got. I like everything except


Gnant something that can not be seen immediately, there is a representative on the edge of the handle, the 6th box; me I resumed, I always had the 5th or 7th fret. So when I play fast, I BLEND brushes, but we made it fast. Another thing: prampli works with a 9v battery, no juice, no sound! And I do not know why the hard life of these batteries in the guitar is about a dozen days, while I play over 1 hour per day, and the rest of the time it is branch! It is not terrible, but for the rest, hat, I care!