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Guitare --> DM4 --> Preamp Lag SpitFire son clair démo 6
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User Reviews

Congratulations Line6

By Messbel, 21/11/2013
Multi Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz

Digital technology.

It is the re-creation of 14 pedals were stories electric guitar sounds of the 60's to today. Added to this is two very modern modes line 6.

list with the pedal that served as a model to face:

• Boost / Comp-MXRMicro Amp (associated with a compressor)
• Tube Drive, Chandler Tube Driver
• Screamer-Ibanez TS-808
• DOD Overdrive-250 preamp overdrive
• Classic-Pro Co Rat Distortion
• Heavy-Distortion Boss MT-2
• ColorDrive-Coloursound Overdriver
• Buzz Saw Maestro Fuzz-Tone
• Facial Fuzz-Arbiter Fuzz Face (Germanium)
• Jumbo Fuzz-Vox Tone Bender
• Fuzz Pi Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (version triangle)
• Jet Fuzz-Roland Jet Phaser
• Line 6 Drive
• Line 6 Distortion
• Sub Octave Fuzz-Paia Roctave Divider
• Octave Fuzz-Tycobrahe Octavia

You can see that the models chosen are mythical, some like the Fuzz Face or Tone Bender in their original version can reach thousand euro occasion.

To this is added a noise gate function, the ability to operate the pedal true bypass or not, and connect an expression pedal.


The manuals are available online and in French on the Line6 site. The operation is very simple, we choose a sound and is assigned to one of four footswitch pressing 3s above. May therefore be stored in memory 4 sounds, clear and start at will.


I am fortunate to have a few pedals reproduced in their original version: Fuzz Face, TS-808, Big Muff, Pro Co Rat. The result is every time very realistic and very effective. The difference is mainly in the fact that Line 6 is very quiet, it's hitting the fuzz and distortion. We are not obliged to love all available sounds and thus their original model, for my part I have never needed a Boss MT-2.
According to my taste I find the trio Fuzz Face, Big Muf, Tone Bender really good.
I also like the Chandler Tube Driver that I knew that name and which is excellent.


The price of the occasion should really try and take the time to make the sounds, trying from carefully the origins models, the manual Line 6 actually allows this.
I really like the great place that is granted to all such Fuzz, this is the perfect pedal to complement a pedal board without breaking the bank. I love the spirit of this machine is the good stuff.

moosers's review

By moosers, 02/05/2009
The Line 6 MM4 is an overdrive modeling pedal that contains 16 different types of overdrives that are modeled after classic pedals and sounds. It has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs as well as a 1/4 inch output for the optional expression pedal. It runs on batteries or with the optional power supply that can also power any of the pedals in this line of Line 6 effects. It is not a rackable unit as it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the Line 6 MM4 is pretty easy to understand, and is very similar to the other pedals Line 6 makes in this line like the DL4 and the FM4. All the way to the left there is a switchable knob to choose between the different types of overdrive and then there are five other knobs that control various parameters depending on which overdrive you have selected. There are also four switches that are each programmable with your own custom sounds, which comes in extremely handy for live shows. The manual for the Line 6 MM4 is extremely well laid out and if you are new to pedals like this it might be a good idea to have it around. However, it is pretty easy to use and I never had a real use for it.


The sound quality of the Line 6 MM4 isn't up to par when compared to some of the other modeling pedals that Line 6 has made in my opinion. It is pretty hard to get this many realistic sounding overdrives and distortions within the same pedal, and while there are some good sounding overdrives on this, to me a lot of them are not that usable. It is great to have so many different sounds within one unit, but I'm not a huge fan of a few of the choice on this pedal. All in all, there are some nice sounds on this pedal and it is a good choice for those looking to get their feet wet a bunch of different sounds.


I've been using the Line 6 MM4 for about four years and while it isn't the best overall sounding overdrive pedal I've used, it is certainly nice to have so many different types of sounds in one place. My only complaint is that I wish there were a few more realistic sounds on this unit, but overall it is solid and is a great addition to anyone's guitar rig.

Calimereau's review

By Calimereau, 18/07/2008
The pedal simulates the sound of several pedals saturation. We rgle sound, one remains on the switch appuy wanted three seconds, and the sound remains in memory. Damage with gear so powerful that not being able to store 4 sounds, this is curbing the possibilities this live machine and makes the blow a bit costly.
The sounds are rather GPs and the pedal has despite all its small color envelope regardless of the preset.


The knob is not as progressive and interactive than the analog and operate and are evolving almost by beaches, end rglages are therefore somewhat delicate, especially live use. I find a bit boring argler dm4 and the interaction with rglages not always gniale. better than the real paper.


Possd having a multitude of pedals, j 'affirms the experience that simuls sounds are not the same as those of the original pedals. This is not serious, it s' record, but it must be said. and in general, they are not as good.
J and I have had several analog pedal simulated by the dm4 and does not sound the same. Example, my dod 250 gray vintage has nothing to do with the sim dod250 over medium, lamp and less transparent and more compression on the dm4. we keep in mind, but it's not the same envelope.
Many of the presets quickly send gain my taste. There's nothing quite subtle doverdrive has low gain anything. many sounds for strange sounds, but not basic sounds. too many preset gain too quickly with a double micro Team guitar.


Some pedals simulated not seem better also chosen because not really necessary, but good for example, who really needs vital fawn 2 octa-fuzz today? this is stupid, because food has 2 presets dm4. Finally, this is a matter of taste. strange sounds or sounds boilerplate?
The advantage is the good bypass, no breath, 1 pedal instead of 4 and programming memory and some sounds have their interest.
Rgl sound good on the guitar neck pickup, do not necessarily sound good on the micro bridge and vice versa, so why voil 4 sounds seem insufficient compared to the power of the machine.
It needs a very good tube amp to remove the small cot and digital medium and the pedal seems more intressante for overdubs or put some color tones are places of a piece, for example, rather quune non-stop use as its base and main pedal.

fredian's review

By fredian, 08/03/2008
See more advice and sheet manufacturer. Note the polarity reversed non-standard 12v or binding you to waste piles, or to snapping twenty euros in a power supply line 6 ...


Easy to use, simply select the type of pedal, set the equalizer, possibly saving his régages in one of the user memories, and go. on the other hand, it is better to take it easy in terms of volume settings and tone, as if you have a heavy hand (in one way or another) sound of little surprises are not excluded (noise level the pedal much more (or less) stronger than that of the amp ... watch the ears!). This is, frankly negative point, making the transition from one preset to another random: large differences in volume according to the pedal simulated, namely that equivalent settings, two simulations will not have the same volume!

However, if the manual is not necessary to use the machine, is instructive regarding the description and history of each simulated pedals (personally, having bought the pedal without OCCAZ manual, I went to download it on the line 6 site to find out what each simulation corresponded to the extent that I did not know all the models simulated by the original distos DM4). interesting. Finally, buy the transformer line 6 is recommended because the machine shows battery hungry.

6 issues for volume differences between each preset and buying a power supply line 6 essential (not economical with battery + 12V non-standard polarity)


Personally, I expected to sound less convincing from a simulator, but I very soon discovered. The choice of distos is important (too bad there are only four user memories), it is not difficult to find a model that sounds, especially since you can play the sound fine tune tone. my favorite effects pedals are the models of vintage overdrive instead.

However, I have since acquired a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde, and I somewhat into perspective my original assessment: the sound is still much colder (but no sunthétique as can some simulators) that an analog pedal, and tone controls somewhat imprecise: if we not careful, you quickly come to a boiling sound, its a bit garish.


I used this pedal for a year and a half. I enjoyed power in a single pedal, have access to a wide évantail crunch or distortion of sounds (that's principel quality), the noise level rather convincing, especially since you can adjust the sound settings of each effect independently and save. flaws: too few user memories in light of all the simulated models, the sound a bit cold, the settings relatively inaccurate and unmanageable volume differences between the various simulations. So, I finally bought a Overd / analog distortion (Jekyll & Hyde of visualsound), and the difference in sound really struck me (until we have a comparison tool, it is true that we tend to overlook some aspects).

To return to the DM4, the choice of distos can be tough, but better a puzzle of this kind that end up with only one distortion pedal and having to tamper with the settings to try in vain to obtain a different sound. For those who can afford it without knowing what they want precisely the type of distortion issue, to try!
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