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User Review

Congratulations Line6 - Reviews Line 6 DM4

Value For Money : Excellent
Multi Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz

Digital technology.

It is the re-creation of 14 pedals were stories electric guitar sounds of the 60's to today. Added to this is two very modern modes line 6.

list with the pedal that served as a model to face:

• Boost / Comp-MXRMicro Amp (associated with a compressor)
• Tube Drive, Chandler Tube Driver
• Screamer-Ibanez TS-808
• DOD Overdrive-250 preamp overdrive
• Classic-Pro Co Rat Distortion
• Heavy-Distortion Boss MT-2
• ColorDrive-Coloursound Overdriver
• Buzz Saw Maestro Fuzz-Tone
• Facial Fuzz-Arbiter Fuzz Face (Germanium)
• Jumbo Fuzz-Vox Tone Bender
• Fuzz Pi Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (version triangle)
• Jet Fuzz-Roland Jet Phaser
• Line 6 Drive
• Line 6 Distortion
• Sub Octave Fuzz-Paia Roctave Divider
• Octave Fuzz-Tycobrahe Octavia

You can see that the models chosen are mythical, some like the Fuzz Face or Tone Bender in their original version can reach thousand euro occasion.

To this is added a noise gate function, the ability to operate the pedal true bypass or not, and connect an expression pedal.


The manuals are available online and in French on the Line6 site. The operation is very simple, we choose a sound and is assigned to one of four footswitch pressing 3s above. May therefore be stored in memory 4 sounds, clear and start at will.


I am fortunate to have a few pedals reproduced in their original version: Fuzz Face, TS-808, Big Muff, Pro Co Rat. The result is every time very realistic and very effective. The difference is mainly in the fact that Line 6 is very quiet, it's hitting the fuzz and distortion. We are not obliged to love all available sounds and thus their original model, for my part I have never needed a Boss MT-2.
According to my taste I find the trio Fuzz Face, Big Muf, Tone Bender really good.
I also like the Chandler Tube Driver that I knew that name and which is excellent.


The price of the occasion should really try and take the time to make the sounds, trying from carefully the origins models, the manual Line 6 actually allows this.
I really like the great place that is granted to all such Fuzz, this is the perfect pedal to complement a pedal board without breaking the bank. I love the spirit of this machine is the good stuff.