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User Review

nickel I always connected - Reviews Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH2

overdrive and distortion with volume and equalizer for each effect and drive over a sharp button (sort of boost) for each effect.
most of this pedal can combine and fuzz.


super simple, not read the manual.
jumbo sounds fine, thank you to the settings knobs precise


I have not found better, I modified mt2 sound is certainly more modern but I remain on this great pedal 2 see 3 in 1 on carvin sending it serious distortion or overdrive.
if you want the sound is saturated before the amp and everything stays clean because it plays on the volume and drive, after if you push it fully drool (I do not). but the fuzz both pedals at the same time if you play on the drive knobs and volume on both sides we all have what we want.

telecaster squier 51, cort x6 mod, black top and fender mod.


use it for 4 years

at the price I paid I would do this choice and even nine.