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User Review

This is simply HUGE!! - Reviews Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

Sparkle is not super well stocked with connectors (at the same time it is a controller so if you want a MIDI use your audio interface) It only has a USB port to connect to PC.
There are about 500 sounds good on editable on which you can assign 2 + 2 other effects with the master track like delay, reverb, beat crusher, compressor, EQ, distortion etc ...
You can assign up to 16 samples on the pads
At the controller it has 8 pads velocity sensitive enough, 1-8/9-16 a button that allows you to switch to other sounds, a mute and solo button in order to hear the sounds or not the you want (very handy for live).
Include 16 buttons for switching banks, pattern, using the step sequencer of up to 64 steps, and also to use the tune function, convenient to play with the synth sounds. We have a XY pad to use either filter, slicer (which repeat function, reverse, vinyl break and many others) and rollerblading on the master and then check the effects track, filter and Panoramic instrument that is desired.
There are 3 assignable knobs on the right to customize its sounds, a dial to change instrument, kit or project, a loop function knobs tempo and volume and of course in the left corner of the record buttons, stop, play.
Presence also of auto quantize

The machine is great, it is very well made for live use as a studio. it is very intuitive, very fluid, there are some shortcuts on the sparkle that avoids resume mouse. The pads are nice and the step sequencer is pure bliss.
The configuration of sounds and effects is very simple and modular part of the spark 2 really brings a plus.
Regarding the manual I did not read my favorite watch tutorials francolamuerte of the Spark that are very practical and avoid several days of struggling to try to master the beast.

The sounds are great, they are quality and styles are quite varied. Sounds have the potato is quite modern although you can find samples of TR.
For what is realistic sounds (this is not why I buy Sparkle) I prefer those of my Krome.
The pads are velocity sensitive allows for nuances and you can assign different sounds to the same pad that can be controlled by velocity.

I've had about a week and I'm delighted!
What I like most in the sparkle is already sounds but also the ergonomics of the controller is adapted to live.
The value for money is just great, plus I got the Spark Specials 2
Before buying I had a XR 20 in AKAI, I never like the sound of this BAR. I then long used drum kits my Krome which are very good but there in a live left to be desired it was not practical at all.
Having so long to find a BAR hardware I have not found anything matching me. I then turned to the drums hybridesb machines and then I came across the sparkle and maschine.
I preferred to take the sparkle because I really love the sound and touchpad.
I do not regret my choice, this BAR is what I wanted from the beginning.
Good will I go back ;)