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Kawai Pocketband. looking for cards - forum Other Misc. Product

I recently dug up an old Kawai Pocketband haedphone guitar amp but i dosen't have the insert cards with it. it dosen't seem to work without one. anybody have one or any info on them?? seems like it would be a cool thing if it worked! i know they were made in the 90's
There's someone who says (in spanish) that he's selling the thing with two cards for 100 pesos, but i have no idea what country he's in. go here: http://foros.3dgames…o_musical_pp.html

or ebay:…839QQcmdZViewItem
Hey thanks thor! i also got a response from Kawai USA. they have some new old stock for sale at $53 per card! sounds pricey to me! especially for a gadjet that cost me $20 on ebay!
Yeah, i agree it sounds pricey. But it all depends how difficult they are to find. i wonder what the thing sounds like.
Well, hopefully i'll be able to find out someday! unfortunately right now $53 = baby clothes!(hence the reason i need a headphone amp!)