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Freqshift, new hardware module by Audio Damage

Audio Damage completes its hardware modular series with the ADM04 Freqshift, a digital recreation of vintage frequency shifters.

The ADM04 Freqshift is an 8HP Eurorack module (20mm width) and features the following controls:

Shift changes the frequency between 1000Hz down and 6000Hz up, with behavior of the knob at around 12 o’clock that allows for adjusting small values

REGEN: bipolar control that feeds back up-shifted signal only when turned clockwise, while anti-clockwise feeds back the down-shifted signal only

MIX: also bi-polar ; clockwise mixes in both the up and down shift, while anti-clockwise mixes in only the knob's shift value.

CV control of all parameters

US pricing of the ADM04 Freqshift is $189. Visit for more.