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Sonalksis FreeG - Reviews Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware]

FreeG is Sonalksis’ master fader plug-in. It features all the essentials of a channel fader, such as mute, pan and peak, and RMS readout, with the quality, precision, and accuracy found throughout the company’s products.

The great news about the FreeG is that you can download and use it completely free. Yes, this one is on Sonalksis. Get yours on their website.

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As we all know, not all great things in life have to cost money, and FreeG, despite not being an extremely essential type of plug-in for one’s recording endeavors, is definitely a very handy tool for tracking, mixing, and mastering. Most of the DAWs on the market don’t offer the precision of metering on their channel faders. The FreeG does. There is even an option (Fine) that allows you to have the fader’s readout stretched out for even more precision on level. Peak and RMS readouts also help assure your accurate metering. Once installed, the FreeG also comes in a Mono version, which can be of great use in tracking

The only detail missing here for me, unfortunately, is a Solo button. What a miss guys. I’m not a software engineer but I’m sure a Solo button could have become a complicated task to accomplish since it would have to make the plug-in control the DAW, and that’s not how things work. But beggars can’t be choosy, and either way it is free, works great and is useful. I guess we shouldn’t complain about this one.

I’m always crazy about how Sonalksis’ knobs, faders and switches give this impression of solid precision, even though you sometimes are manipulating them with a crappy mouse. This plug-in, as with other Sonalksis products, functions with zero latency.

Looking for more precision for metering and manipulation on your DAW’s faders and you don’t have to spend a penny for it? Sonalksis FreeG is the answer. A simple, useful and solid product. If you record, mix or master music using a computer, I’m sure you will see FreeG as a valuable tool for your studio.

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