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User Review

Joy followed by disappointment - Reviews Sonalksis FreeG [Freeware]

Downloaded from the manufacturer's website for free (demo). It is obviously necessary to register ahead and install the management tool manufacturer. Everything worked smoothly.


Personally, I'm working on a pc 2x2GHz 3GB of memory. In Studio One, everything works and resource level working in 48Khz, it works well. Why I say this, because this is where the trouble begins with the VST. I put on all my audio tracks and VSTi to adjust levels (RMS) before I start mixing.
Small note, I not seen the same results-meter runways and one of my vst before the gain setting, weird, but ...
I work very telling to have a simple and complete VST, and now, at the end of a time my processor saturated. I raise Studio One, then everything works after 5 min of work, the CPU spike 100%. I say that, but it does not happen as quickly. I use the VST FreeG for 1 week.
And watching loads processors in Studio One, FreeG is very heavy for what it brings, heavier than VST reverb. I removed all my tracks FreeG and surprise, the processor drops to 48% utilization.


Actually, I deleted my machine. I think it can be useful, but for processor load, I go my way. And little info, it may be an impression, but once FreeG removed all my tracks, and gains re-calibrated, I find the sound a little clearer.
This is very good and complete devised in use, it's a shame.