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Other peripherals and accessories for tablets/iDevices

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Other peripherals and accessories for tablets/iDevices
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User reviews on Other peripheral or accessory for tablet/iDevice products

bigVince's review (IK Multimedia - iLoud)

By bigVince, 05/12/2013
Note that it is only a portable sound monitoring system and not a studio monitoring, and therefore much less a listening HiFi speaker.
I bought it thinking use as guitar / bass amp room and return to mixer on iPad / laptop when I go on vacation or we ...

After unpacking the first impression is good, very solid finish and clear sensation of quality in detail, with the exception of the audio cable seems very weak constitution ...

Connected iPad (GarageBand, Cubasis and any app) and MPB LogicPro X. Peavey guitar interfaced AmpkitlinkHD. MIDI keyboard.
It serves its purpose better than any other device tested before.
Nomadic use: this is the DNA, in addition to return a appariel an unexpected quality of this size.

3 hours of use.
I tried all possible iEnceintes.
These are gadgets without other purpose than to show off at the pool ...

While this is an amp / PA Mobile computer music monitoring:

At first scratch: [/ b]
Ouawooo!! It sends this thing!

recording guitar, bass, midi: [/ b]
Yes!! Very good definitions of the different instruments, very nice as back in any environment (indoor and outdoor). Its built-in battery lets you move with the sun :) . Well here it is winter but we can start to dream the summer holidays ...

Full Mix a song: [/ b]
Obviously the proximity of the two baffles greatly limits the perception of pan. But we still feel settings. The spectrum is very broad and homogeneous, no noticeable holes in the mids, the bass is very well restored while being boosted, treble as well present. Lots of fun to work with such a quality reproduction, even at modest volume. Really impressed.

Test on HiFi: [/ b]
Play mixes on different channels and other digital players. It passes. It is not as accurate as what can be done with a headphone beyerdynamics DT, but for a first draft, it is very convincing.

Conclusion: [/ b]
Excellent portable amp. Swift battery. Very sufficient Watts to a guitar or even play several instruments above (via mixer).
Strengths: Sound, power, portability, compact design, durability
Low points: connectors general public only, cables come too cheap ...

I still wonder about the presence of Bloutouffe I have not tested. Why would I do? A latency of more than one second with the direct? Anyway ...

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Published on 05/24/16
Owners of IK Multimedia’s iRig digital interfaces, mics & MIDI controllers can now unlock features inside of Cubasis LE for iPad.