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User reviews on Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad products

This one actually works... (Arobas Music - Guitar Pro App)

By loudfunk, 30/01/2012
Unlike the outrageously bad current version of Guitar Pro 6 for PC/OSX. Obviously it's down scaled version. Actually it started a tab player rather than an editor. If you needed to write tab on the iPad your option was Notion Music progression since that one was an editor and player. They changed it subsequently so it now is an editor as well.
Guitar Pro for IOS comes with midi sounds that suffice for the play along practice tool this aims to be.
You import your tab via iTunes or can write tab straight on the iPad. You get the option of tab and standard notation, standard notion or slash chord charts.

The input is limited to a rather basic set of symbols, no specific guitar things like whammy, way, markings etc. But to jot down lines its spot on. Your tools are note or rest duration from 32nd note to whole note plus dotted and triplets. No special brackets like 5;4 or 9;8 you will have to improvise with this with triplet settings. The limited set of performance symbols for the notes are harmonics, Bends, either bend or bend and release. In half steps from 1 half step to 3 whole steps. Vibrato, slides, hammer-on/pull-off, pal mute.
Plus insert note, insert bar, delete note, delete bar buttons. And of course bar line.

For the player you get loop mode, transposition, tempo. You can sort your files by last opened, artist, song, etc...
It works nicely as a notation/sheet music player for standard notation. And I actually prefer to use it that way instead as a guitar specific tool.

The score can be switched between small, medium and large display. And the metronome can be set for a count off as well as a count after the loop.

All in all I simply wish their actual 'real' software was working this well.

My fave iPad tab editor (PreSonus - Progression for Ipad)

By loudfunk, 30/01/2012
This one is just too cool. After years on various notation and or tab programs from good stuff like Notion or Finale to horrid stuff like Guitar Pro being able to do it on the iPad is awesome.
Progression lets you import Notion files obviously but also imports guitar pro files.
You can import files via download, e-mail or by syncing in iTunes.

There is also a free version. The paid app lets you buy different sound in addition to the limited but good sounding set it comes with.
The interface is very guitar specific. You actually enter the tab by clicking on the fret position on the virtual fret board. For chords you toggle a virtual chord switch where the notation will sit on the same spot until you toggle the switch again.

The down side is that it displays in a combination tab/sheet style. But i can live with this.
You have a build in mixer with same basic effete like distortion and reverb.
In terms of input you get 64th notes to whole notes. Including dotted, double dotted, tied and tippets. Actually you have the option to feine you subdivision so you actually get 5 over 5 notes without work arounds.
The bends you can enter run from bend, pre-bend, release, bend and release to pre-bend and release. You can also enter text. For special notes. You get grace notes before the beat, on the beat. muted notes, etc...
You can save the files you're working on as notion files or as pdf and e-mail them.

Clearly just like with their PC/OSX programs those guys went deep to give you the tools you need. If you don't want to spearing for the 5 bucks for it I strongly suggest to at least check out the free version. Because it's likely that will not only have you get the paid one but also have you look into their "real" programs.

Interesting (PG Music - Band-in-a-Box for Android)

By stompboxjon, 27/08/2012
I have been using the PG Band in a Box for my Droid device (Kindle Fire). When I first downloaded it from the app store I had a lot of concerns and didn’t want to just download something that would be “fun” and pointless. But after giving it a shot, it was fun but not pointless. I do have the Band in a Box for Windows, which I think is required if you want to use or have the Andriod version. The Droid app has a lot of potential that hasn’t been reached yet and I think once they have some more time they will add all of the features that we need. One thing that I don’t like about Band in a Box is that all of the audio files are stored in M4a files instead of .wav or mp3 files. I am sure the M4a files take up a lot less space and that is why they chose to go with that format. But I use so many different arrangers and programs, some of the programs that I use don’t support M4a properly so it causes so many issues with other programs.

The Band in a Box app is on 99 cents in the app store and its worth it if you are familiar with Band in a Box for windows the desktop version. The droid and the Desktop version go hand and hand.

I have been using Band in a Box for about 7 months now and I have pretty much explored the whole app. I just use it to mess around whenever I am not around my studio. Since you will be needing to purchase PG Music Band in a Box for windows , keep in mind that that program is around 100 dollars. Which really isn’t much but, It could come as a shock if you think all you need is the 99 cent app. They both go hand and hand.

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