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Good soft (FX-max - FX Teleport)

By Ipsys, 08/08/2012
FX Teleport is a tiny software with great capabilities. Creates a cluster of 2 or 3 PCs for computer music (RAM and processor) via Ethernet.
The config comes down to install the game server or client and map the machines via their IP.


The software runs under Windows XP for me though since my new config I have no need. Nostalgia inside!
To get an idea of ​​operation, after installation there are two servers and a client that is the daw. After taking care to install the vst / i cherish on servers, each plugin launched from the folder in the daw fx teleport (client) will open on a remote machine (server).
A plugin uses an average 5mo bandwidth (up to 2.5 and 2.5 down) then 20 plugins sufficient to saturate a 100Mbps network card. Each plugin launched via fx teleport still consumes 30% of its initial resource on the client, even if it is launched on one of the servers, since the network activity that is paid at the processor.
Latency is felt for VSTi, but for no vst issues. As long as there is no play in real time on a MIDI instrument latency is not felt.
With a Gigabit switch that supports this flow is required to use two servers.

One trick is to install the game client and server on the same machine, so to start the vst / i outside the daw and so bypass certain limitations of some of Daws ram xp 32 ... or instability problems of a ram.


The feature that I love most? That he has a grill 100mbps network card in a few weeks .. on a notebook.
Seriously, level quality / price it buries a Steinberg VST System Link, for the latency is something else, although she did not feel as we do not save game in midi in real time.

The least: this system designed for homestudios war is neither hot nor cold female, unlike an electric guitar or a nice sweaty drummer.

*-.)'s review (FX-max - FX Teleport)

By *-.), 12/05/2005
Trouble free installation

You just understand the principle of soft (install the plugs on the server (s) + recognition on the machines or the master)

and the prob is that it's not very well explained (I think) but given how simple it is, it takes just a lil bit of thought and once understood, is happiness!!


Toshiba Satellite? P4 2.6, 512ram + ESI quatafire live4 610 + + ACD pro 5 (master)

with a tower P4 1.8 (server)

works perfectly ..


I do not want me too pronounced because I use it only recently

but I have not had any problems and I turned big fat synth well on my tower (server)

and it rocks ....

I'm crazy since I have ...

and then a second PC is cheaper than a system or a PowerCore protools
mottivés and for the creation of plug is terrible because you can use any VST plug-ins compatible PC (no other licenses etc. ...), it's just waiting for the miracle ....

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