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User Review

Excellent overdrive - Reviews Analog Man King of Tone

Two overdrive pedals in one.
Power 9V Boss
Supplied battery (automatically disconnected when the pedal is plugged in)
For each side:
- External adjustment, Volume / Gain / Tone
- Interior Trim setting to adjust the amount of acute distortion, internal selector Clean / Overdrive /


Really simple configuration settings are effective.
An exploration time is interesting to understand the various intricacies related to various internal settings. But the sounds are good in this pedal


There is the strong point of this pedal.
I use the pedal in its original config, overdrive side and the other clean boost.
I just set the trim for acute internally, playing mostly single coil guitars on an AC30
The pedal does not color the sound, I always found the guitar / amp grain. However, when pressed, the sound becomes thicker, more substantial.


For 3 years now in the pedalboard (this is a record for me an overdrive pedal), it is by far the best I've been compared to: Ibanez TS9, Fulltone OCD, TC Electronic Vintage Tube Primer .
The only real downside is the waiting list for almost 24 months. I was lucky I got it in 18 months (wooow!!) And the risk of being accused to pass through customs (in my case € 20 more! Bad!)