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User Review

greell's review - Behringer Overdrive Distorsion OD100

This is a pedal that can produce two types of loadings: overdrive and distortion.
The quality of fabriquation may at first stepfather lightweight (plastic watch case), but all is well RALIS hand maybe the battery (as I repeat some after, prvoyez of Bics), and the fact that taking the Adapatateur ct is the output jack / amp (interference?).
I play with a battery that did not use, but after the other view, it seems to consume this fast-Last, an investment in a transformer might be desirable ....
The pedal is lightweight and can be quite aisment transports, taking up little space in a rack. The shape of the beast on a t copy of Boss pedals clbres effects.


The manual is also filled with an acoustic guitar, is to say very empty (it just is a brief description of each function). But however, the Gnrale Congig is simple: 4 knobs (one level => volume, tone => equalizer bass / treble, a drive => gain input mode => overdrive / distortion.
We finally find very satisfactory rglages, a little fiddling (do not forget, of course, rgler the equalizer amp properly!)


It has two potentiometers, one serving rgler gain, and the other choose the type of saturation that you want: overdrive or distortion (I do not advise you to put it background, we obtain a bzzzzz Synthetic cold ...).
Thus, the more you turn the knob call "mode", the closer distortion, even if the change is a little abrupt (about a little after the half.
The sound quality is very good in Gnrale.


It's a great pedal exceptional qualitprix report (I got just under 25 euros new). I highly recommend all beginners and even those a little Confirms (the pros in the MATIRE, and longer met scholarships ^^ prfreront choosing a Boss pedal, but hey this pedal Behringer defends really well!). I play it voil just over two weeks and am extremely satisfied! The only bmols are, I think, very cold sound of the distortion, which tends to syndrome honeycomb (bzzzzzzzzzz!), But with an adapted rglage is no problem me; otherwise there is the battery compartment is open embtant (prvoyez two Bics!) some on this site have prcis the plastic construction seemed to them a bit lightweight and fragile ... We just have to take care of his pedal and not jump on it with both feet and normally , is no problem!
Behringer Congratulations, good pedal.