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User Review

Super pedal - Reviews Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Pedal Type "Over Drive" but with more of "testosterone" as classic as OD Ibanez TS. "Mine" is located between Over Drive and distortion. Clearly, we can "cruncher" slightly to downright!


Easy adjustment and fully detailed on the form provided with when buying.
In my opinion, this book is a good start to get a real idea of ​​the potential of the contraption.


For me it is not the best overdrive pedal, but it is my favorite. It sounds more "chemical" that Ibanez TS9 (which I also, hence the comparison), but it has more bass and punch. Crunch is delicious and whatever volume level of the amp. This is not the case with "ma" TS9, expressed much better when the receiver reaches a certain volume level. So, when I work at home, I only starts the BD2.Notez it goes very well with other OD pedals or distortion. Mine is silent, so RAS at this level.


I waited a long time before I offer. But I do not regret the purchase. As mentioned above, this is not perhaps not the best pedal in its class but it is very versatile and potentiometers are very effective. Can sculpt 5 or 6 different sounds and usable dice the first hours of operation ... This is a very good pedal for me, very comfortable in blues, R & B and even rock.