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User Review

Very good pedal! - Reviews Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

This pedal is to play, as the name suggests, Blues or Blues / Rock. It performs these functions perfectly, since pressing it gets Bluesy sound very good and the years 1970-1980.
It has 2 inputs (like all), 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 Gain.


I find this pedal very easy to use and very easy to adjust.
I will not hide (like wah), I did not even cast a glance at the manual before I use it ..!


The effect is effective, Bluesy and quite realistic.
I use this pedal with all my guitars, but especially with the Fender Stratocaster (better for his Blues and Blues / Rock).
I prefer to put the issue in the middle, the middle and Tone Gain three quarters: it looks like that sound both Bluesy, but if you scratch the ropes course, a sound a little more rock.


I use this pedal for 3 years now, and I am quite satisfied with its sound and its effect. I bought this to really get his Blues and Bluesy, but would also produce a sound more Rock.
Ideal for clear sound to a sound Blues, just by pressing the foot (set the settings before pressing ..)!