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User Review

AceLeppard's review - Boss OD-1 OverDrive

Boss Overdrive in the first generation. Its features are simple: a volume control, an overdrive control.
My copy apparently date from 1986.

I think that I am right in saying that this pedal is analog, but I can not describe it as "true bypass" in the purest sense of the word, because this pedal a little color signal of the amplifier (no unpleasant way, but we will!)


The configuration is very simple thanks to the instinctive side of the two knobs, having bought second hand I could see his record.
I use this pedal as almost to boost its already a crunch, or full. However, according to the settings, it can sound very well on the clean channel of an amplifier as the main disto-drive.
It would be like to have a tone control on his little sisters as sd1 or OD3, that said the sound quality is so much that no appointments ready soon more attention.


This pedal, by its analog design provides a very organic, very hot. As I already said, I use it to boost, in addition to my ibanez ts 808: indeed, if it gives me a boost very "smooth" and warm, the OD1, it adds shine and a punch in the upper-medium inimitable. Playing the blues as hard as the 80's, this duality makes me good service. His report on approaches humbuckers sound pretty good with Dokken George Lynch, Richie Sambora and John Sykes. Van Zandt on my simple stratum, is close to the grain of Gary Moore, John Norum, or Fast Eddie Clarke.


I have this pedal for several months now and I am quite satisfied.
However, it is perhaps not the best option to treat the foot pedal as a main, better to have an amp with a hefty grain for you already!
Having acquired for 40 euros a Monsieur Francois Artige Toulouse, of course I would do this choice, who has reconciled me with the pedals of the giant grain Boss.