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User Review

Excellent - Reviews Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive (Japan)

OD analog, everything has been said!


Three knobs, volume and tone drive, you know the works ...


Really great! Used alone or boost (I mean overdrive only), it is the foot.
The drive nicely proportioned, and is slamming that cracks in the tooth!
Cranked a treat, aggressive without being disgusting, it must then find the chemistry with the volume and tone but it, it comes very quickly.
Coupled with DS2, then it sends the wood, I have not found better distortion that adding these two beasts.

Family Fender (Tele and Mustang aerodyne for me) and ENGL Screamer 50 (combo) are the delight of my cages honey, it's really fun to play it.


Used for good 5 years now, it never leaves the pedalboard, I am based on the positive reviews unanimous AF and I do not regret this purchase, this pedal is indispensable to me, and yes I would do the choosing!
In occase, the price is very affordable and this is an excellent deal.