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User Review

IMMORTAL OD ADORABLE! - Reviews Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive (Japan)

Analog Overdrive

Drive, Tone and Volume: until such a TubeScreamer!


Easy editing is not too strong rule even below half the Drive
then adjusts the tone until the desired shade!
Volume is best to max, it equals better sound clear


The edition made in Japan is better than Taiwanese bcp!

I have not seen if it "sucks" tone, as she is accused on the internet.
on the other hand makes it sound beautifully musical
full of emotion, feeling, blues and rock-a-billy!

I note that I have a good tube amp (Mesa Boogie)
but sometimes I really enjoy with this little box and my Peavey TRANSISTOR!
She embellishes her, and she lets the character of my Gibson LP ...
talk about it makes me want to play is ADDICTIVE!


with 16 years of guitar, I had to try / have over 100 pedals.

Ultimately I prefer the amps distortion pedals extensively,
but for OD ... I fell for the TS9 and SD1 Japanese!