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User Review

"The transfer of my pedalboard? Ever!" - Reviews Dwarfcraft Devices The internet overdrive

Boost + overdrive pedal manufactured by an American (so-called boutique) distributed for a moment by the mark "devi ever" I do not know if this is still the case.
Fully analog and very tough this box (and what up!)


Pedal easy to use, one knob for volume and one for gain.


I play gibson les paul, fender hot rod deluxe amp.
This overdrive is huge, the gain knob is used to something, from small to very large overdrive. She really sound particulary well to it.


I use it for over 2 years now and it is part and parcel of my pedalboard, my sound, my group's ...

I played with a multi-effects before telling me it was so good to invest in, especially as I have a tube amp and it's a shame to send digital!

I had some other pedals ... I never would sell one. Perhaps what is the web too! (Matter of taste.)

Price / quality ratio perfect, We can not regret this purchase.

I also bought another pedal brand.