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User Review

"ZE" overdrive - Reviews Fulltone OCD V1.1

Ben just been said but in speed,

Analog overdrive pedal
9V or 18V supply
3 buttons for volume, gain and tone
switch high / low frequencies
LED (I think) to demonstrate the engagement of the pedal
Metal case (it exudes strength in all cases)


easy to use, I do not know if there is a manual that is to say ^ ^

Must be tested to find its sound, the switch is handy, I use it mainly in HP, great for palm mute


I play a vox vt100 with a gibson SG special and OCD overdrive is my best, I put the AC30 effect that gives a clean and slightly dirty I use the pedal with the settings:
volume almost half
tone in 2/3
gain to 2/3 also

I use it for all the songs rock, pop-rock and punk rock that I play, everything is more metal I pass by the amp (no need to have clean by now) and I with a boost lpb1 nano for the solos.

It fits me perfectly and testing head tube, I noticed that this pedal goes very well with the tiny terror (in particular crunsh), it seems that this amp does not support the pedals, so either I differently developed an ear, or the pedal is really great on any amp ... Me at least that's the only link in my chain that I would not change it for anything, I always found him a beautiful sound and I even had a lot of trouble deciding for the configuration I put him ^ ^


I use it for 2 years now, it magnifies my sound on any amp that I use is the overdrive to take with you when you make a jam from the amp to a friend or disposal.

The price is there but for the handmade in the USA, I do not chip.ote! I tried a dozen pedals before falling on it. Love at first sight, I thought it was done after my disappointment at all my previous tests and the love I had for this pedal would go away with time but not at all! I'm still happy.

Note that after 2 weeks of use, the LED did not work, failure thereof or pe broken by the friend to whom I had lent ... So I was at the store where I had bought it to see what could be done, they returned to the factory by lending me another pending (nice), a week and a half after we m ' called to tell me that my foot was back, I find the time and have not trailed since I have not had a problem, very good service then.

In conclusion, excellent pedal for those who want an organic overdrive well, it fits very well on any config amp / guitar and it is very hard to find a non-musical sound.