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User Review

One of the best, if not the best (at least for me) - Reviews Fulltone OCD V1.1

It is important to note (given previous notice) I am not mistaken, and I leave it here an opinion on the Fulltone OCD VERSION 1 and not 2, 3 or 4; D

Analog pedal. Buttons Volume, Tone and Gain.
Note that if you push the "tone", the gain is also partly driven.
Energizable at 9 and 18v. Not yet tested 18 volts, it would seem that gets more "headroom" .... It will then pull :)
Switch to switch HP and LP (we say that it is to choose between sounds OD Fender or Marshall).


Extremely simple configuration. I did not have a manual for purchased used. In any case it would not have helped me much. Changes in augemntation or lower knobs is linear, no sudden increase in volume, tone or other. The gain, however, in his Derner quarter, not changing very much (but no need to see more of what we can already get there).


Effective effect, whether light or OD OD further. Used on guitars.
I prefer (for now, you never know, it may change, or not in the future ..) use slightly OD, and sometimes boost my amp saturation.
Note that there is a slight difference in level between the HP and LP sound (without touching the knobs, it will + fort HP, with more bass and a bit more mids)
Gain pushed to block the sound from slightly to a fuzzy sound. In any case, good headroom available, you can go pretty far (without going not in the mega sustain or metal but it is sending).
Finally be aware that this pedal is extremely reactive to the type of game (light, violent, pedal adjusts the sound output ... As a real amp what)


I tried a lot of OD: several Maxon OD808 which, Mi Audio Blues Pro, TS9, Wampler, Xotic, ... I also tried to time the four versions of OCD, are the versions 1 and 2 have me + rained from what I expected from the sound of an OD.
That is a sound closer to an amp pushed without the hump in the midrange that will bring us a TS9 or OD 808 (this is really not the type of sound I'm looking for), with its "direct" (you take directly in the face, D), not compressed as could be for example a BB Preamp.
It seems that versions 2 and 3 would be the best. For the three, certainly not for me (too dark), for two I still leave him a chance ;)
The only other pedal that caught my ear is the Speaker Cranker (by the use I make of my OD), but it will be hard for her to beat my OCD :)
With the experience I would do this choice, no doubt.
I'm really not convinced that one day I would be able to find better compared to the sound I was looking for ...