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Most Active TS (still happy considering the price) - Reviews Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer

TS808 HW
HANDWIRED, Mogami cable ... short but who cares, we're in a marketing stunt ...


Ben is an overdrive pedal


I was looking for a true bypass pedal that kept the sonic characteristics of my amp;
I tried a standard TS9, a pe Français muff'in a Blackstar and other ...

The only perfectly meets my expectations were T808HW and Analogman TS808 of Silver. Other TS9, and some people love for it, have a bump in the midrange. The spectrum of the TS808 is more linear ... that's what I wanted: an OD True By Pass, with a broad spectrum and which retains the accuracy of my amp.


It is very expensive and is a marketing coup for suckers, and despite all that, it remains for me the overdrive I was looking for. The grain is a bit different from Analogman, I use two in series when the need arises.

Oh, I forgot: the switch farted ... that of the Analogman has still not moved ...