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A little bit of legend - Reviews Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Analog overdrive pedal format classical guitar type boss. Jack connector, standard 9v supply, rackmount or non editable model. The whole is placed in a sturdy metal case. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth!


A tone, a drive and volume, nothing too bad, after the effect is very accurate, which induces specific settings to find a sound that mixes well with the general mix (you can quickly fall into a shrill sound or aggressive).


This is a nice overdrive, less warm than 808 ts (and incidentally cheaper too), with a nice bump in the mids and tight bass that suddenly are reduced compared to the untreated. Works very well with guitars of course, but also keyboards (rhodes particular). It is very good for its driven gently, or upstream of a real distortion, at the time it used to change the eq for drilling during lead passages. We can blame him a simple tone instead of eq fuller, but it allows a large number of shades.


I kept some time before selling because it does not suit the band's sound in which I was (at the time I did not have my home studio or my personal projects otherwise I would have kept! ). Qualities may be its shortcomings, namely its sound will not suit all styles, even in the blues. This remains an excellent pedal, cheaper but less friendly than its predecessor, which must be done to get the best!