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Rockett Pedals announces the Archer boost/OD

Rockett Pedals invites you to put your name on the waiting list for their upcoming Archer pedal for guitar.

First model in the new Tour Series, Archer is a versatile boost and overdrive pedal. You can use it as a clean boost with the gain all the way down, but if you start increasing the gain, the clean signal will be attenuated and the signal will be overdriven. The particularity of this gain knob is that it can blend clean boost and gain, don’t hesitate to experiment and find your sweet spot.

Along with the gain control, the Archer pedal features two knobs: an output level that will cut through the mix very quickly, according to J Rockett, and an EQ (Treble) control that will take your signal from dark to very bright.

Archer is 9V powered, either with a battery or an external adapter, and the bypass is buffered.

The Archer pedal will be available on October 1st, but J. Rockett opened a waiting list for those who want to pay those $179. More info and pre-order at