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Flash sale on Keeley's Red Dirt Mini

You only have a few hours to get Keeley's Red Dirt Mini overdrive at half price.

Described as "all of the Keeley [TubeScreamer-oriented] mods wrapped into one pedal", this model also features the JFET input buffer. It also features four modes of operationwhich can be configured by taking the bottom plate off and adjusting the DIP switches (remember the old, very first Expandora model by Bixonic, right?). These switches allow you to change the clipping diodes, which can provide either a more compressed sound or a more open tube-amp like sound, and variations in between. The different overdrive styles available are Distortion, Overdrive, Crunch, and Amp.

As long as the weekend goes on, the Red Dirt Mini can be grabbed for $99 (list price is $199). Have a look at for more details.