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Eventually, the best ever ... Pedal - Reviews Klon Centaur

Overdrive Pedal Booster optimizes the interaction between the guitar and the amp.
Lets tackle perfectly the first lamp preamp, making this fabulously dynamic interaction.


Very easy to use Gain - Treble - Output

This is not an effect that is fully saturate as a Boss OD-2 or Full-Drive 2, etc ...

Gain control adjusts the attack on the first lamp amp.

The Treble control is such as a Hi-Cut.
It allows you to cut unwanted frequencies or acute wheezing ...

The Output control acts as a booster until 30 db


With the first pre-amp as well pampered, the couple guitar-amp becomes absolutely bound, dynamic.
Every nuance of your playing shows in the first solicitation.

Jeff Beck did not make a mistake.


Bill Finnegan purchased directly from the designer, this pedal justice to your guitar and amp. Make sure you select the first lamp preamp for optimum quality (especially for noise and microphôies, otherwise it does not forgive!)

Integrated Buffer (like the peffets Cornish) is the ultimate weapon of the Klon. Between Wah / Fuzz on one side and Modulation / Delay the other, this pedal is essential in any professional pedal.