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Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II

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User Reviews

Excellent boost: hot

By goldorock, 14/09/2014
This pedal is probably underestimated and yet !!!

It is a boost + a Marshall overdrive typed Bluesbreakers so hot enough.


It's very simple

ON a boost but you can not adjust the treble or bass boost of

It also has an overdrive with drive, tone and volume: the sound has a tendency to be the "woman tone" of Clapton


The sound is amazing for boost
basically, it wants to make the sound of an amp lamps: you can have the crunch so without increasing the volume of the amp

Otherwise, it enables clear sound dirty = have a great sound very nice crunch and very warm
very blues and rock to 70's we will say

Fans of Gary Moore, Paul Personne and other bluesmen, it'll give you that if you have a good amp and a good scratch

therefore, a crunch BEAUTIFUL and if you already have an overdrive or distortion, it will add heat and let ente notes
beauty and power, it can be very hard to bottom

it is good but I prefer the BOOST

Small downside: the ovedrive could have been more aggressive (question eq)

and for the boost, I wanted a treble-bass setting (especially acute)


I have for years

I have not tried the latest boost other brands

The sound is very warm in boost: it changes completely and as no other pedal the original sound
Cheap prices

discozek's review

By discozek, 16/02/2014
Double pedal effect
- Drive a priori modeled on the legendary amp of the same name
- Boost

4 settings: choice of mode (drive or boost setting), drive, tone control and volume

for more features reviews and see other manufacturer


Very easy to use

Boost Mode is fine in addition to a lot of drive and amp is easily adjusted by turning the volume only

The Drive mode is controlled with 3 knobs that seem to be quite progressive.


Drive Mode provides a very round drive (I do not know if it is in the vein of the amp of the same name), although it lacks a bit of heat
Blues, boogie, rock fat sound quite in these strings.

The pedal works very well on all the amps I've had Marshall MG50DFX (transistor), 1987X, Orange AD30, Peavey Classic 30, Laboga Alligator 5201s and little Fender Champion 600, and this whether in its boost mode as well that drive.


This is my first pedal, and it is part of my essential.
At the time the issue of choice was difficult with conventional TS9, TS808, but the Marshallian tone and scope conquered me (at the time this drive was ideal to give more character to the MG50 I owned).
Today I almost operates essentially boost mode with my Laboga a drive with more body and warmth.

its price is also advantageous

Lack of character

By bniklazz, 26/12/2012
Overdrive or boost.
Battery power or AC.
1 Imput and Output 1.
One knob one knob gain of 1 tone and 1 volume knob selector knob boost or drive.
Robust metal housing with a switch big enough.


You choose your mode.
Boost mode, only the volume knob is active. It allows to select the desired volume boost. (Indeed I use)
Overdrive mode, the tone affects the tone and drive the level of saturation: the light crunch crunch angry any more.


The overdrive is pretty ho hum. It lacks warmth, dynamics and scale.
It is very Marshalien all ... at the same time.
The boost meanwhile is impeccable, he just boost the volume effects loop. Mounted on the front that will begin to boost the lamps cruncher :)


I've had some time.
I use it only for the boost in the effects loop of my amp.
To highlight the lead parts on the guitar is impeccable.
After the overdrive lack of heat ... lack of lamps.
But I there a good boost easy to dose for 40 €.


By AceLeppard, 04/11/2012
Overdrive / boost analog.
An entry in a release out.

supply standard type Boss (9 volts)
standard format, in line with standard Boss or Mxr.
Pedal, metal, feels solid and well built.

selector "mode" 2 positions (boost (clean boost) and blues (overdrive))
a knob of drive
a knob of Tone
one volume knob.


The setup is super simple, a beginner will quickly how to manage modes "boost" and "blues" to make the best of the pedal depending on the situation. It was like two pedals in one, it is very well thought out.
I do not have the manual, but it is not necessary.
The sound editing is very simple.


The grain of the pedal is quite interesting, quite natural.
Its clear, the rate of gain can reach a saturation mode frankly hard rock blues. Boost mode does not alter the sound, or so imperceptibly, and just increases the volume so low rates of gain are sent as input.

With distortion, boost mode can push the saturation of the amplifier without altering the character, practical and effective. The overdrive is muddy, seems easier to play, like a tube screamer but with less mids and better bass response.

It is nickel rehearsal when you must retrieve a Marshall MG100 or Fender FM212R for saturation better than amps, less noisy and more warm.

I can not wait to test it on a Fender Hot Rod or a Marshall Plexi.


Pedal, given its name, may be supposed to simulate the sound and behavior of a Marshall Bluesbreaker. There is nothing headroom is far more important than the amp of the same name.
I rather think that Marshall wanted to provide the fortunate few blues guitarist a simple, affordable and well-built to boost the amp in all circumstances, or to give a little color "Marshallian" his Vox or Fender.
We almost regret not being able to walk mode switcher.

The value for money is excellent, it should be emphasized, especially since we often see this pedal opportunity for low prices.

The pedal is not level or other Fulltone Xotic but did not really ashamed to face the Boss most common and can be a good investment.

I did not have to pay this pedal, I lend it, and it helps me often!

A good choice!
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  • Manufacturer:Marshall
  • Model:BB-2 Bluesbreaker II
  • Series:Effects
  • Category:Overdrive pedals
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

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