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User Review

Lack of character - Reviews Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II

Overdrive or boost.
Battery power or AC.
1 Imput and Output 1.
One knob one knob gain of 1 tone and 1 volume knob selector knob boost or drive.
Robust metal housing with a switch big enough.


You choose your mode.
Boost mode, only the volume knob is active. It allows to select the desired volume boost. (Indeed I use)
Overdrive mode, the tone affects the tone and drive the level of saturation: the light crunch crunch angry any more.


The overdrive is pretty ho hum. It lacks warmth, dynamics and scale.
It is very Marshalien all ... at the same time.
The boost meanwhile is impeccable, he just boost the volume effects loop. Mounted on the front that will begin to boost the lamps cruncher :)


I've had some time.
I use it only for the boost in the effects loop of my amp.
To highlight the lead parts on the guitar is impeccable.
After the overdrive lack of heat ... lack of lamps.
But I there a good boost easy to dose for 40 €.