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User Review

discozek's review - Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II

Double pedal effect
- Drive a priori modeled on the legendary amp of the same name
- Boost

4 settings: choice of mode (drive or boost setting), drive, tone control and volume

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Very easy to use

Boost Mode is fine in addition to a lot of drive and amp is easily adjusted by turning the volume only

The Drive mode is controlled with 3 knobs that seem to be quite progressive.


Drive Mode provides a very round drive (I do not know if it is in the vein of the amp of the same name), although it lacks a bit of heat
Blues, boogie, rock fat sound quite in these strings.

The pedal works very well on all the amps I've had Marshall MG50DFX (transistor), 1987X, Orange AD30, Peavey Classic 30, Laboga Alligator 5201s and little Fender Champion 600, and this whether in its boost mode as well that drive.


This is my first pedal, and it is part of my essential.
At the time the issue of choice was difficult with conventional TS9, TS808, but the Marshallian tone and scope conquered me (at the time this drive was ideal to give more character to the MG50 I owned).
Today I almost operates essentially boost mode with my Laboga a drive with more body and warmth.

its price is also advantageous