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It's hot! - Reviews Maxon ROD-880 Real Overdrive

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A good point for the gate built.


Therefore not very complicated classical settings. Not looked at the manual ...


I use the clear sound of a Mesa Lonestar combo version with an Ibanez AT300. I wanted to base a distortion to my lead sound rather focused rhythm anyway, I just thought boost with an overdrive for solos. I discovered this pedal on the pedalboard a guitaro which I loved her (he also had two ...).
But I know very well that the rest of the chain is not sound like it might not suit me. I was also skeptical about the fact that if an overdrive while I was looking out a high level of saturation. So I have tried in a mag, memory, distortion of Mesa, Wampler, Ibanez, and quite a few others I've forgotten ...
I loved the 880, which is really what I want: it's hot (very hot), clean, lots of gain (any pitite overdrive to distortion). For solos finally I only boost the volume. That's it.
I understand why guitaro that I saw used 2. With a crunch, and one for setting the lead.
I love Andy Timmons and his sound is closer it gets using the clear sound of her stiletto with its RealOverdrive (also light).


Used for a few months so I'm really happy. Ras.
+ Versatility
+ Heat
+ Does not disfigure the amp
- I'm looking for ...
- Oh yes ... 200euros ... but how good it is!